Dior II Heel - Turquoise / White

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I want to commend all the staff at SHOES USA for their outstanding ability to make such BEAUTIFUL SHOES. For years I searched for shoes like these.I make all my outfits and this is what I needed to make me complete. I wish that I had the talent to make something as beautiful as the shoes made by SHOES USA. I wear a size thirteen in your styles.After having my two sons my feet is now bigger.I felt so bad about the size of my feet.Now woman gaze at how pretty they look. SEXY GIRLS should have SEXY SHOES. I stand 6 ft 2 inches in my shoes and I love it. My HEELS look gorgeous on my feet. Thank you so much,I’m still waiting for my next two pair to arrive. Phyllis from Philly. Look for my next order. THANK you KRIS K. “

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Dior II Heel - Turquoise / White
Phillis Harris (from Philadelphia, PA, USA)